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Hey, would it be so bad if I stayed? I’m just a ghost out of his grave; and I can’t make l o v e in my grave. I won’t put white into your hair. I won’t make n o i s e s in your stairs. I will be kind and I’ll be sweet — if you stop s t a r i n g straight through me. +

Want me ta’ make somethin’?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Chloe Moretz by Fabrice Dall’Anese

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Devon Sawa's early filmography

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Take that one thing you don’t like about yourself and more often than not that’s the one thing that makes you more special. Whether it’s that gap in your teeth, or that mole you never liked, or your skin color.

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toasters, cARL

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goats are like mushrooms, if you shoot a duck, i'm scared of toasters



A friend of mine requested some fonts for her roleplay, so while I was searching for some I decided to whip up this masterlist of fonts for university and college based rps. So here are some fonts you could use for graphics and posts. 

universal college ♔ college boy  sketch college ♔ colleged ♔ college team ♔ college dropout ♔ bored schoolboy ♔ classroom boredom

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omfg i’m crying at the latest episode of Got because daenerys is listening to this guy and she’s so tired of his bullshit and she looks directly at the camera like she’s in an Office episode 


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I just changed him.

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devon making eliza laugh

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